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What to Look For in a Drywall Contractor

As you evaluate drywall contractors, consider the following steps.

  • References - Ask the contractor for several references for jobs that are similar in size and complexity to yours. Call them. Ask about the contractor's work, whether he stuck to his project schedule and bid, and if he was easy to work with.

  • Bids - Obtain at least three bids on your project. Provide a detailed, written description of the project so there are no questions about what is included in the job. However, listen to contractors' feedback; they may point out something that was overlooked or inconsistent. Of course, get the bids in writing.

  • Options - The lowest bidder isn't always your best bet. Consider the contractor's references and reputation. (Does he have a history of bidding low and increasing the charges later?) Make sure the lowest bidders understand the intricacies of the job.

Once you select a contractor, you will need to sign a contract. Read it carefully. Take your time. And make sure you take the following into account:

  • Scope of Work - The contract must define in detail all the work that will be completed, including finish work and post-work cleaning. Include architectural plans if you have them.

  • Materials and Equipment - The contract must identify materials that will be used. Where appropriate, dimensions (for instance, drywall thickness) and general performance attributes should be included.

  • Schedule - Indicate when the job will begin...when materials will arrive, when work will commence. Ask for an estimated completion date. Discuss delaying factors such as weather, change orders and unforeseen problems and what can be done to lessen their impact.

  • Insurance - Make sure the contract requires the contractor to show proof of all required insurance, including general liability and workers' compensation for employees. The contract should also verify that subcontractors will have their own insurance.

  • Warranties - Specify that all warranties for labor and materials be provided to you in writing.

We will be happy to walk you through our contracts and take the time to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to working with you!

(This information was condensed from ImproveNet,

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